Roxvale - Calisthenics College
 About the Coaches
Sisters, Renae and Niree had a wonderful start to Calisthenics at Avonde Calisthenics College, spending eleven years in championship competition. They then transferred to Robynmore C.C. where they remained until 1998. Since then they opened and continue on enthusiastically here at Roxvale. Renae and Niree have many years of coaching and assisting experience. They have gained a lot of knowledge from many well known and honored Calisthenics personnel. They have participated in “Graceful Girl” solo competitions, pupil skills programs, and had completed all their coaching qualifications before the age of 21. Renae & Niree, along with help from other talented coaches, have plenty of fresh ideas and are extremely keen, with much drive for a successful future at Roxvale C.C. - A great amount of dedication towards Calisthenics; Calisthenics is a part of their lives!
Robyne is as much a part of Roxvale now as the Weybury’s. Robyne began her Calisthenics life at the age of 5 with Kent Calisthenics College, where she remained for 17 years and made many life long friends along the way. With many years of hard work and dedication, Robyne's class finally advanced to championship competition. When Kent closed at the end of the 1992 season, Robyne moved onto Albion Calisthenics for 18months and then joined Roxvale in its founding year. Robyne has also completed a teaching degree in Early Childhood Education, which makes Robyne an asset to the Roxvale coaching team.