Roxvale - Calisthenics College
Although our motto is “fun and fitness,” competitions play a major role. Competitiveness is fun and is healthy if in a sportsperson like manner. Competitions make teams strive towards a goal. The team practices hard in the aim of gaining places at competitions.
Competitions can be held locally or up to 2 hours drive from home
(in peak hour traffic). Competition dates are set by competition committees and are overruled by CVI. Dates are not available to us until all clubs have completed their entry forms and the competition committees have concluded the competition schedules.
Roxvale will enter State Title competitions and if sections are graded to enter Royal South Street Society competitions, then will be entered into this competition held in Ballarat also. The R.S.S.S. competitions may require the team to compete one weekday, generally in October.
2017 Competition Dates
Sub Juniors:  

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